Boys masturbate in the shower and more tales from book club!

What a week!  Beginning to think tipsy, drunk, and hungover are my normal states of being!  It’s just been one of those weeks!  Okay, so here comes the “highlights real” because obviously I can’t go into detail about everything…

Our fabulous little boutique won it’s 3rd award in 3 years and this was quite a major one!  Sun Goddess won Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year from the Businesswomen’s Association.  It was so thrilling, and yet another affirmation that we’re doing the right thing in the right way.  Kudos to us.  Women of substance we are, if we do say so ourselves 😉  It’s even more rewarding because we did it!  We didn’t copy anyone, or leverage off anyone else’s ideas, words, etc.  Dig Dig!

The highlight of my week has to be “Book Club” on Thursday night though … really, we need to rename this book club … we have never actually had a book at any of our meetings … we tried magazines initially and within 2 or 3 get-togethers even that fell through!  Really, this “Book Club” is the most fabulous collection of women, and 9 out of 10 times all we do is talk about… SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!  And usually, LOUDLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was hysterical!!!  From Naughty Girl’s tales of talking to a kettle with an unintended audience, to tales of walking in on son’s “spanking the monkey”, and friends “getting jiggy”, to Doc Bel’s whiplash inducing statement that, “Boys masturbate in the shower!”, we ate, we laughed, we drank, it was blaadddyyyy marvellous and just what I needed 🙂  I have to wonder, are all “book clubs” this bad in a good way, or is it just mine?!  LOL!  Have to say, these nights out are always one of the absolute highlights of my week, what women!

We have decided to have the next one at Restaurateur’s restaurant – YAY – half price sushi and too much whisky here we come LOL!  But before that, we have a catchup with Funny Girl at Moyo – no doubt to drink and talk of … SEX!!!!!!!!!!

What a week!  Exhausted!  Thank goodness for weekends 🙂