Where do sadists work? At the gym!

I have a theory that people end up in the jobs they do because of their nature … so you find violent people end up in the police force so they can shoot people and smack people around, shy people end up in libraries where it’s quiet and they’re surrounded by other quiet people, and I am absolutely convinced that sadists end up as Personal Trainers or Gym Instructors!

Fashion Girl and I did a V-Box class with Sbu at Gateway Virgin Active last night, and I should have known when he announced, “I want you to think of me when you go to the toilet tomorrow”, that we were in for it! This is not so much a boxing class as a Uber-Squat-and-Lunge class! OMG! It was a great way to burn fat. We left red faced, soaking wet, and jelly legged 45 minutes later! Will so do that again! For those of you non-exercisers who don’t get the toilet reference, go home, do 45 minutes of squats and lunges, and report back tomorrow after you have to lower yourself onto a toilet seat!!!
My theory about these sadists was re-inforced this morning, when my personal trainer, Sheldon, subjected me to attempted-murder-via-exercise! First of all, it should be noted that bench press benches should be for bench presses, and definitely not used as a skipping rope! And “The Walk of Shame” (lunges along the length of the gym) followed by lifting your back leg afterwards like a cat with water on it’s paws, is definitely NOT advised after the Uber-lunge V-Box class the night before! My final piece of evidence is a recurring one! Sheldon has the most Machiavellian smile before he’s about to subject me to something particularly difficult! Who other than a sadist would do this, I ask you!
Gotta love them 🙂 Good week of gym and healthy eating this week, feeling better already.
PS … hmmm … problem with my theory … if sadists end up in gyms … who ends up in Sex Shops? LOL … shy, old fashioned girls like me, naturally! Duh!
Happy phuza Thursday, we’re on the home straight now … push through 🙂