Walking like a cowboy today…

… and sadly not because I was shagging myself senseless this weekend 🙂 I did a spinning class last night for the first time in forever! Now those of you who have done spinning know, spinning fitness is a different kind of fitness entirely! And uses all sorts of muscles that you don’t normally use, or rather, than don’t get subjected, in day to day life, with the relentless hammering that spending 45 minutes bouncing on a spinning cycle will do!

Boy! Am I paying the price today! Not quite sure whether it’s my cook or my bum that’s in agony, but eish!
Tomorrow night, Fashion Girl and I have decided to try out a V-Box class at the gym … heaven help the instructor! Fashion Girl being Fashion Girl, she has planned her outfit already, we’ve decided on an 80s theme – ‘cos that’s how we roll 😀 So I have visions of her in her crop t-shirt and leg warmers … if they play music from Rocky … I will actually lie on the floor and die laughing!
Oh well, time to get productive, enough time wastery! 🙂 Yes, I know it’s not a word 😀