Looking on the lighter side…

You know what I find really tough? Being happy when other people are not!

Right now, I should be really happy, I will be debt free at the end of the month, after a year of extremely strict financial management and a truck load of sacrifices and even more hard work, I’m finally there! My expenses are really small, and my income thankfully not, because I’m working 3 jobs and long hours.

It wasn’t easy, in fact it was really painful and really hard, but I did it, and I have come out the other side, a better, more disciplined, sensible person (financially at any rate).

So, now, I can start getting excited about spoiling myself a little, that new dishwasher I need, that MVix/PVR in one that I really want, perhaps a new pair of jeans, whatever…

But how does one enjoy the fruits of your labour when all about you are battling in this tough economic time?


I am surrounded by friends and family who are battling their bums off, my brother is about to loose this job, my mom has 3 years until retirement and a house to pay off, one of my best friends is renting her rooms out in her house and her family are sleeping in the entertainment room, I mean, it’s all around us, these economic horror stories all day …

So I find myself unable to celebrate, unable to pat myself on my back for my achievements and wracked by guilt… sometimes I hate being Cancerian!!!

I have a birthday coming up next month, and would love nothing more than to throw a big bash and have a fantastic time, but how will I enjoy myself, maybe I’ll throw a pity party 🙂 Or hobo party 😀

Humans are funny things!