Sleep deprivation

It’s official, I have gotten myself into a 1:30am bedtime routine!

This is great if the time before 1:30 is full of war stories of getting tipsy, kissing boys, dancing my ass off, eating good food or creating memories with friends …

But instead, I am working until 1:30 in the morning on websites, crazy! So crazy that I went and bought myself something called the Comfort Lapdesk by Logitech … this simple little thing is a legend!!!! I no longer have to wedge my notebook on my bent knees, or perch it at weird angles on my lap to ensure the air vents are clear… as I type this, I am having a totally lazy Sunday in bed, with my legs stretched out straight in front of me and my notebook laden lapdesk comfortably on top of me… and the best thing is, it fits my 17# monitor notebook!

Seriously, sometimes the simplest designs are the best, which leaves me thinking I need to patent some of my ideas… can’t tell you how many ideas I’ve had and 5 years later some person’s gone and done it … bites my ass!
No chick, enough on your plate, as if boutique owner, automotive industry agent, and independent webmaster is not enough on your plate, for heaven’s sake! Sleep, come on girl, you can do it! Just switch the brain off and sleep!