When does multitasking become multiple personality disorder?…

And you thought I just fannied about in a Sex Shop (ahem, Boudoir Boutique if you please!) all day, alas in today’s economic climate, how many of us can afford to be a single income family? Well, I may be single, but single income I cannot do, so …

I have 2 full time jobs! Yes, in fact you read that right, and not many people know this, only friends and family know, so I guess that makes me a good juggler. Besides running my boutique, I am also an Independent Webmaster for a company specialising in the automotive industry (of all things!)… talk about wearing different hats! One moment I have my corporate-dealing-with-serious-men-in-a-seriously-male-environment hat on, and the next I have to yank that off and put my sexy-inspiration-to-women-in-a-seriously-female-environment hat on!

I know, I mean seriously, could I not just find something related that makes some sense? Hey, in this economic climate, no-ways! Glad I have both of these opportunities in my life because they are helping me achieve my life and financial goals, so that’s a good thing I suppose 🙂

Still, it leaves me pondering a few things, especially being the A-type, perfectionist personality type I am, I can’t help feeling like I’m doing 2 jobs badly, and I always feel like I’m cheating both my jobs. I have come to accept that this is only my personal neurosis and that I am in fact capable of doing both of these things perfectly well, and can even find some time to blog 🙂

On a busy day, though, when I am rushing around and feeling slightly overwhelmed as I was this morning, I start thinking (my curse), normally while driving (my me time in between jobs) and today’s musings became so amusing I had to share… but bear with me as they are rough musing with very little time for polish today…

What I started thinking about were the parallels between “multitasking” and “MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder)”

  1. Symptoms: I mean, they pretty much have the same symptoms if you think about it, one minute you’re one person with particular personality and the next minute you flip a switch and you’re someone else, dealing with something else completely and with a whole different set of traits! Clearly MPD is a requirement in order to multitask!
  2. Medication: So we multitask with various medicinal aids, whether they be coffee, vitamins, alcohol, cigarettes, whatever your drug of choice is to help you get through your multitasking experience, you have copious quantities. Fortunately for my health I am neither a smoker or a caffeine addict, so I medicate with water and food (my body is NOT thanking me!). Multitasking therefore requires medication of some form as does MPD.
  3. Hospitalisation: Eventually after too much multitasking, the cracks start showing, of course no-one notices at first because you are such an effective multitasker, but when the cracks become chasms and can no longer be ignored, or horror of horrors – you actually crack-up yourself, the people who care send you off for a well deserved break. Hello! MPD! It’s like being committed to a psych ward! hahaha

Only in my fractured, strange little mind can multitasking equate to MPD, thank goodness for my weird mental mapping, it at least keeps me laughing 😀

When exactly does wearing and constantly changing different hats become a condition requiring medication and hospitalisation?


  1. Bond Girl on March 4, 2009 at 11:46 am

    Now it works and I can add my 5c.I think all woman have MPD. Comes with the territory.

  2. Chanteuse on March 4, 2009 at 11:50 am

    Totally! Brilliant inventions we are! Thank goodness Adam got bored hey? 😛