Rude awakening!

The term rude awakening was given new meaning this morning when I was woken by a rustling noise in my bedroom … I sat up and looked into the face of a burglar in my bedroom! The gall!

Bastard had broken in, already taken my new Samsung LED Smart TV and was trying to unplug my notebook next to my bed to take that!

I screamed bloody murder … So much so that I have a sore throat as I write this … And chased him out the house and off the property!

So far the list of things stolen include … My TV from the lounge, my housemate’s cigarettes from the kitchen, my wallet from my handbag in my bedroom, the weed eater out the garage and our outside dustbins! The bins! Really?!?!?! For why?

Stuff is just stuff and I really don’t get excited about losing it … But my wallet … Which had less than R5 in it … Also had my ID, Drivers Licence, bank cards for myself and my business, and various other sundry account cards … There was zero value for a thief … But I had to spend much precious time running round closing accounts, getting temporary cards … And as I wrote this post this morning I was sitting in Home Affairs to apply for a new ID and a temporary ID. As I stood in the last queue two hours later, I received an email from a relation with the same surname who’d been contacted by someone a few roads away from me who had found my ID document discarded outside their house. Good Samaritan has saved me some hassle in replacing all my other cards now that I have an actual ID book LOL!


And of course, what really infuriates me is that all of this could have been avoided if my landlord had fixed my broken pedestrian door … A negotiation which has been going on since 11 November! Eh! My only recourse is to have him pay for my lost goods … Not that he can give me this wasted time back! SO frustrating!

I now lie in my gorgeous bed in my invaded bedroom after a long ass day and have to say maybe it hasn’t hit me yet but I’m not feeling too hysterical. I have had unending hysterical phone calls from friends today who all seem way more upset about this invasion than me. I have to say it was one of my worst fears to wake up with a burglar in my room … I have literally had nightmares about it … Now it’s happened, I’ve faced it, I wasn’t frozen or useless, I screamed, I chased … So actually … I consider this a growth experience, I’ve faced a fear, survived, and am moving along! I’m very aware things could have been far worse, he was in my bedroom after all, and I had two housemates in the house who could have been hurt … So really … Quite fortunate that it happened this way.

Call me an eternal optimist … I’m not capable of not seeing the positive in every situation!