Boobs + Gym = Sux #JustSaying

Okay, so despite the odd health wobble, I’m getting myself back into a good gym habit! I love gym … My kind of gym that is … 40 minutes or so of interval style cardio whilst reading some trashy Kindle e-porn! I love what it does for my state of mind more than my body actually … I love feeling healthier, more active, etc.

But I have to ask the question … Were women intended to gym??? Because OMFG it can be uncomfortable when you have boobies!

Boobies, unlike your health, should wobble! They should be big and jiggly and natural in my opinion … Perhaps that’s because mine are and I have big love for them … Only if you want to avoid concussion you have to strap those suckers down at the gym like you’re doing a Barbra Streisand impersonation in Yentl! The relief when you get home and can free yourself from the shit gym top contraption of torture is sheer bliss!

I love gym and I love my boobies … But seriously the combo doesn’t work at all … It’s like those two mates you have you love equally and they hate each other … And you invite them round to the same party … You get the picture! Awkward!

Seriously, if anyone has a solution, or suggestion, let a booby girl know would ya!

PS Thanks to my mates joining me in the picture above … Moenie worry nie … I cut your faces off to protect your identities like 😉