I need a holiday from my social life!

Life has been manic lately!  Crazy, crazy busy, with not a night off!  My life seems to go through these phases and at the moment it seems it’s in a jol-yourself-to-exhaustion phase!  I welcome back my inner social butterfly, which has been on too long a hiatus!  The only problem is, my work life is suffering!  I’m battling to get to my car job, the boutique has been so busy during the day that I can’t catch up there, and with something on almost every night for the last month, I find myself longing for a quiet night in front of the telly with Pork Chop and Jessie, the crazy Jack Russells, to keep me company!

This past long weekend, started off at Taco Zulu and ended off there on Monday afternoon as well, where I have to admit, I think I discovered one of my new favourite shooters!  I was absent-mindedly watching the barman slice chillies and drop them in to a bottle when I eventually asked him what he was making… chilli tequila!!!!!!!!!  HEEEELLLLLLOOOO – chilli, tequila, lemon and salt!!! Duh, like 4 of my favourite things in 1 shooter!  No brainer, I’m hooked!  This is not good and can lead in only one direction – one should really never salivate over the thought of a shooter!  LOL!

Okay, so who’s kidnapped me?  And where’s the boring homebody Chanteuse?????