Paralysis by procrastination!

Is it just me?  Don’t know if any of you have the same problem, but the busier I am, and the more shit I have to get done, the more I put off actually starting it, which makes no sense whatsoever of course, and actually puts you under more and more pressure!

So this serves as my final procrastination of the day, officially!  I have tweeted, I have Facebooked, I have checked out the latest Get It Mag, I have visited all my usual blogs and news websites, I can safely say I am abreast of the world’s goings on!

It’s another one of those weeks where I have something on every night this week!  And am working Saturday!  For ages I have allowed my work life to interfere with my social life … can safely say that my social life is now completely screwing with my work life!

Chin chin 🙂  Pass another wine LOL