I may be short on boyfriends, but …

… a blessed little heffalump I am in the friends department, I tell you!

You know, if I had this amazing man in my life, it would actually be obscene, so maybe that’s it, maybe I’ve been hit with the lucky-in-friends-stick instead of the lucky-in-love-stick, and you know what, that is quite all right, thank you very much.

Feeling so loved, it’s been a week of awesome nights out with fabulous friends, heart to heart chats, and glass to glass fun!  I can only actually be grateful!  One of my biggest regrets is I can’t entertain everyone … the little Cancerian home-maker in me wants to cook and feed the ones I care for … but there are so many … and the budget is so limited … I just can’t do it … breaks my little chefy heart!

You know what’s so great, is when you’re blessed with so many different sorts of people in your life, I think I’m just starting to understand that I collect people, interesting, diverse, wonderful people, who I love so all sorts of different reasons.  I think a lot of women overlook the value they have in their friends in their headlong, determined rush to meet … HIM!

So at the risk of getting really mushy, thank you to all the important people in my life, there are way to many to mention, but bright stars in my life, you know who you are … love love love