Community is an amazing thing…

It’s amazing how people can be drawn together when something happens that binds them or where there is common interest. It seems to be the theme for me today, so here are my muddled thoughts.

We had crazy, freakish weather last night that has wreaked havoc across KZN, leaving in it’s wake damage, and even some disaster. I haven’t seen this kind of weather since I spent hurricane season in Florida! I happened to be caught on the M4 heading home when the full force of the storm hit, and my normally 15 minute trip home, became a horrendous 2 hour long ordeal! I don’t think I have ever been so terrified on the road. I was listening to Jane Linley-Thomas show on East Coast Radio and she basically halted her show and opened the phone lines up for people to phone in and warn other motorists about what was happening in their areas. And it struck me what an amazing community we have in Durban, when we are brought together. People were so helpful, it gave me such peace knowing I wasn’t battling through the weather alone, and kept my panic at bay, and I even had warning about the lake I had to drive through on Argyle Road to get home! Kudos to Jane and ECR for reminding this listener what amazing people Durbanites are! Of course one disgruntled listener called in and said, “this is not a weather show, can you move on my Jane?!?!”, she replied, “Love you my angel”, in typical Jane style, I had just pulled in to my garage and let me tell you I cursed the idiot for her!!! I guess it proves there’s always some idiot around who will find something negative in everything!

Just before I left the boutique to head home in the hellish weather, I joined an online community called where you can upload your photos and art and people can buy it, it’s the coolest thing ever! Anyway, I joined and have uploaded a few of my old photos and art and can’t believe the comments and views I’ve had already, again, community! Makes you feel so inspired when people who have the same interests comment on your work. I’m ready to rush home and whip out my camera to do something more interesting than used car photos!

Today, I’ll say thank goodness for communities of amazing people and for feeling part of something awesome.