My home, my haven, heaven…

It is so nice coming home again!

Frenchy and I have found ourselves a normal housemate! YAY! She’s moving in at the end of September, so Frenchy and I have the house to ourselves until then, which is lovely 🙂

I am finding such joy in the simple pleasures of life right now, and it is so great to be in that frame of mind…

For the last month or so, because life has been so hectic, I have gotten into the habit of running myself a hot bath the minute I walk in the door and gifting myself that hour to just chill in my bubbles and reflect, or read, or do nothing at all. On Sunday I moved my sound system into my bedroom (after replacing with with Home Theatre in the lounge), so now I get to listen to my music while reading Twilight and lying in bubbles… can it get any better? Okay, would be nice if a certain someone from London, who loves sharing baths with me, was here… sigh! But I’ll settle for my music, book and bath at the moment 🙂

My GP STILL has not called the results of my blood tests through to me, so I still don’t know whether I am poked in body or mind – which is bloody annoying – but it’s also liberating to eat like a gannet and not gain weight! Could live with this for a little longer 🙂

My MVix is all stocked up (now that I have cleared up another blonde moment I had – rolling eyes – which forced me to have to re-copy a whole bunch of stuff – but really who knew I couldn’t do 50 things while copying :)).

Hectic week ahead – so small mercy that I’m still riding the Hyper Highway.