Luck be a lady tonight…

Luck was a lady last night and she was ME! Woo hoo! I played my first poker night last night at Dreamer’s house… he’s had his “Poker at the Palace” tourney running for years now, but I only cracked the nod for the first time last night … and I won the pot! Okay so the pot was only R800, but still! I am a poker legend (this time anyway) 😀

What makes this win particularly sweet is that I have been ragging Dreamer for years that he hasn’t invited me to poker tourney because he knows I will kick his ass, can read him like a book, bla bla bla… Dreamer, on the other hand, has balked at my claims/threats and regaled me often with his tales of winning “Poker at the Palace” along with all the usual cliches like, “It’s not luck, it’s talent”, “When you’ve got it, you’ve got it”, “You think you can read me, wait!”, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera

So my aim last night was not to win, but simply to stay in longer than Dreamer, because I do so love teaching him these little life lessons (cruel, I know, but shit it’s fun)! This sounds terribly bitchy but Dreamer and I have this fantastic little friendship and I know he loves being taught these lessons as much as I love teaching them. We bring out the warped in each other sometimes … hee hee
Poker was fun, but I didn’t realise there were so many hand things! Glory! Thank goodness there was a little printed guide for the newbie (me) to refer to … and I still don’t know what the hands are called, whether it’s a straight or a flush – ungaas – but was hell lucky to get a few of them… as for the “Big Blind” / “Small Blind” concept, I have drawn a total blank, even after a number of explanations… so I just kept asking, “What must I put in now?”! Anyway, long story short, would definitely do it again … note to self … must tell boutique business co-owner’s D&R, they’ll be impressed (gamblers that they are) 🙂
On another note, our new little book club, has already had 3 requests to join! Eish! Funny girl, Naughty Girl – looks like we’re the Madame Popularities of the moment – giggle 😀 Can’t wait for next Wednesday’s meeting – roll on!