My domestic worker is making me grey!

Eh! This maid of mine is trying my patience! She can hardly speak English, obviously this is no fault of hers, but makes communication very challenging as I don’t speak Zulu! I explain something, slowly, ask if she understands, repeat it again just in case, and 2 minutes later she comes and asks the same question! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!

Of course, I have all the time in the world, NOT!

I have to remind myself that I have managed to explain, and it seems to have stuck, after FOUR months, that you don’t need to fill the whole drawer of the washing machine where the powder goes, you only need to put 2 scoops in that drawer!

I still have not managed to get through to her, after about 20 attempts now, to get her to use the lingerie bag to wash the bras in. Tried to explain to her to use a pillowcase today, thinking she has a mental block with the lingerie bag… she looked at me like I was telling her that toilet paper was tasty! Laughed … and then walked out!!!

Sigh, like I have time for this this morning, no doubt I will get home this evening to another one of my imported bras missing an under wire! Joy!

Hectic day ahead, masked launch party tonight for the shop, roll on end of the day!