Weekend shenanigans!

What a lovely weekend!

I did a bunch of things I LOVE doing and am starting to slowly feel like my old self again now that I am finally DEBT FREE!!! Woo hoo!

So, what did I do …

Well, to start with, I shopped til I dropped!!! hahaha!!! Now, now, it was all planned, I had a dinner party on Saturday night, so I shopped for that… a veritable seafood feast… with family, and great friends, 10 of us in all, food and alcohol flowed, it felt so good to LIVE my life again!

Then I also shopped for curtain rails for my bedroom makeover and a few other odds and sods.

My long day is drawing to an end, so can’t rattle on, but these things need to be said…

  • God, I love feeding and entertaining people! It is definitely my drug of choice! Roll on more evenings like that!
  • Jeepers, my bedroom is looking absolutely DIVINE! All I want to do is go home and look at it for a while and then bury myself under my Egyptian Cotton and feathers! I’m SO Cancerian!
  • Crises! I’ve finished reading Eclipse and haven’t bought Breaking Dawn yet! I am trying to abstain from this unnatural obsession, but I actually caught myself wondering what Edward and Bella were up to yesterday while sewing my curtains!
  • Thank goodness I was raised “Afrikaans” and can sew my own stuff! There is something so absolutely rewarding about seeing something you’ve made change a room completely! Also, it saves you a packet of money!
  • Got to open a restaurant in my next life, but something small and quaint, so you get all of the pleasure of feeding and entertaining people with not TOO much stress 🙂
  • Life is good!