Great weekend was had by all …

It was one of those weekends this weekend…

Our shop has been so busy that I only left at 6:30pm on Friday, with dinner plans for 7pm! Hectic, so rushed like a mad thing and got ready in time to head out in one car with the girls to our first stop, Roma Revolving Restaurant for Frenchy’s Birthday dinner …

Roma was lovely, although in typical fashion, we got so loud, we asked to quieten down … hee hee … note to self, book in crazy loud place in future … there were 12 of us … come on now old fogies 😀

We left Roma to drop the car off at home and get a taxi to Clapham, but Dreamer happened to be leaving home with his crowd at the same time and they had space, so swung past and fetched us, yay!

Clapham, as predicted was an all nighter, but was fantastic, everyone was there, and we finally left at about 5:30am, when they turned the lights on and chucked us all out (blush)! I’m so over playas though, the same playas, all the time, yawn! Dude I heard that line last time! Yes, I know, you’re actually a nice guy but all girls don’t like you ‘cos they think you’re a playa! Ok, right, so ALLLLLL the girls are wrong, yes, I can see now, silly me, you really are a nice guy!!! Give me a break, I’m 34 next month, was not born yesterday! Idiot!

I slept most of Saturday away but then got up to go do a party at the shop at 5pm, a 21st, with a 16 year old baby sister in tow! Chick, we’re no under 18’s! That’s a whole other story! Then headed over to Sun Goddess and co. for supper, which was actually delightful, normal conversation with normal people beats Playa anytime!

Sunday I literally didn’t get out of bed, between watching episodes of Burn Notice, reading Twilight and loving the babies, the day passed in blissful nothing-dom 😀 Nice to have one of those now and again!

Random thoughts after this weekend:

  1. LOVE my new hair! New bod! And new attitude!
  2. Looking after paralytic drunk friends who can hardly stand is no fun for me!
  3. I have a great shoulder to cry on! And it’s an honour that people choose me.
  4. Dogs have an amazing ability to show love to those who need it – bless them!
  5. Shortbread is not a meal actually, even on Sunday in bed!
  6. I like Clapham Grand, A LOT!
  7. How fortunate I am to have so many different kinds of friends, I can jol like a teenager Friday night, have a grown up dinner Saturday night, and spend time with the family Sunday. Lucky, lucky me.