The glass is half full! Even though I’m feeling narfy!

I’d say I’m definitely normally a glass half full kinda gal. I’m not inclined to wallow, and fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective) I forget the bad stuff and remember the good about people…

When I do get down, I know this because I comfort eat. If I find myself compelled to stop at the shops and buy Pork Rashers and box Macaroni Cheese … it’s official … something ‘aint right! If I add vienna sausages and white bread to the shopping basket, oh oh!

Night before last I had Pork Rashers and Mac ‘n Cheese, last night KFC, and tonight I had fried viennas on white bread toast! RED ALERT! Time to hit the pharmacy for a Vit B shot or tonic of some sort, ‘cos this flu obviously has me wiped out, even though I seem better now, I just feel totally shattered!

While preparing my supper tonight I thought, thank goodness I am single right now (told you, half full!) because :

  1. I can come home and put my dirty tracksuit on with my mismatched chunky socks and bunny slippers and not be laughed at or looked at weirdly (well not by the man in my life at any rate, housemates maybe).
  2. I can eat ridiculously, sliced fried viennas on toast! I certainly couldn’t feed my man that if I had a man! 🙂
  3. I can work until ridiculous hours guilt free!
  4. I can watch Idols for 3 hours and then the E! Channel!

Ah, the joys of narfy days!!! I celebrate feeling narfy and look forward to feeling fan-bloody-tastic again!!!