In bed all weekend …

… unfortunately, alone, unless you count Pork Chop and Jessie giving me love!

So, spending the weekend in bed, for me, is associated with certain memories… wonderful memories of hot sex, sweet words, and salty skin … all fantastically delicious things … but not at all what this weekend was all about… as I am still battling the dreaded lurgy that has afflicted me for the last 4 weeks! I finally succumbed to antibiotics on Friday, after coughing so violently all of Wednesday and Thursday that I wanted to puke – literally!

What I had planned for my weekend was a braai Sat afternoon, jolling at the Mansion Party (with ears and all) Saturday night, and going to see Spoonfeedas and Prime Circle at Botanic Gardens Sunday afternoon – a fantastic, fun weekend!

What I did was spend the whole weekend in bed, hoping I would feel good enough by the time the next event came, to get up and attend … alas not.

And after all this sleep, all weekend, I have woken up this morning feeling absolutely shattered! Yawning my head off and feeling like I want to just crawl back into bed! Can you get too much sleep??? If you can, I have this weekend!!! But what happened to beauty sleep, surely I should just turn into Sophia Loren, not get more tired! Well, a girl can dream right!