Suffocating under piles of paper…

Man, have I had a busy couple of days! Life is way easier with the new notebook, but hell, I have some majorly long lists to tick off at the Boudoir Boutique over the next few days! Even though I am dedicating an additional 2 hours a day to the store, I still don’t feel like I’m getting on top of all the Admin!

People have no clue what is involved in running your own business… in fact, let me correct myself … people have no clue what is involved in running your own business PROPERLY! They think it’s cool, and easy, no boss, etc. But let me tell you, I have never worked this hard, for this long, for this little money! Not complaining, not at all, I love my business, it’s just the reality, there’s always something else to do, something you still have to do, and something you will need to do when that is done! You have lists, of lists, to remind you about lists!

And constant emails, phone calls, etc. interrupting your admin time. And of course, everyone is important and everything is urgent, and everyone deserves your attention and time. I so need at least 2 clones right now, only 2 will be perfect, 1 to do webmastering job PROPERLY, 1 to just answer emails and do the Admin PROPERLY, and that will leave me free to do the part I love PROPERLY, which is interacting with clients, changing displays in the boutique, coming up with clever marketing ideas, etc.

Currently I seem to be juggling the 2 not so fun jobs and I almost never get to do the stuff I love, sigh! Will keep chipping away at the lists in hopes of getting on top of them enough to spend some time with my clients again! Thank God for Boobalicious! She’s so fantastic with the clients, at least I don’t have to worry about them being taken care of properly, but would so love to do a little interaction myself again sometime 🙂

Tomorrow is another day, they say, time to knock off …

Argh, just remembered, dinner plans tomorrow night and yoga on Thursday morning, so will have to do webmastering job at the boutique tomorrow, so less time to do more!

Note to self:

Delegate, delegate, delegate!!! Say no, say no, say no!!!