Blaaaadddy fool!

I got so caught yesterday! And wouldn’t you know it, I was giggling at all the April Fools jokes online and still got caught!

So, a bit of background, we have a very small team of ladies working at the boutique, there’s myself, Sun Goddess (business partner), Boobalicous (Full-time shop assistant) and Asia (Part-time shop assistant). Sun Goddess and I rely heavily on Boobalicious, who opens the boutique in the morning and runs everything until I arrive before lunch time.

Boobalicious‘ husband has been looking for a job here in Durbs, as his company wants him to move to JHB, and he’s overworked and certainly underpaid.

So, there is a possibility we will loose Boobalicious and we’re just hoping and praying that doesn’t happen, because finding the right person to replace her is no easy feat. Asia is studying Microbiology so it’s not an option for her to become full-time.

So, there’s the background, yesterday I’m on the phone to Sun Goddess, asking how things are going at the boutique in my absence, when she asks me to hold and says Boobalicous needs us to look at something while we’re both on the phone ‘cos we’ll need to discuss it… And out comes a resignation letter, stating that she moving to JHB

Sun Goddess and I, after picking our hearts up from the floor and gathering ourselves, are devastated! We speak briefly and end the call. Now I’m trying desperately to think how do we work around this, I’ll have to give up my second job, how will I get by financially on one salary, etc. Panic is setting in! I’m on MSN to Bond Girl PANICKING!

Then Sun Goddess phones to let me out my misery, Boobalicious got us, good! 😀

Life at the Boudoir Boutique can continue, glory hallelujah! 😀