Why does rain bring out the crazies?…

What is it about rainy weather in Durban that makes everything and everyone go haywire? I know we normally have a lot of sunshine, but people please, get a grip!

First, there’s the drivers – I’m on my way back to the boutique this afternoon for a Hen’s Party, and the rain had started already, suddenly people can’t drive, doing 40kmph on the freeway! Come on! Then slamming on brakes if they get withing 1000m of the next car! Grow up! And they all feel like they’re entitled to crawl in the fast lane, because it’s raining! Crawl if you must, but move over people, some on us CAN drive in the rain!

Then all the girls arrive, and there’s no sign of the Belly Dancer I confirmed yesterday! I call, no answer, I wait, I call, voicemail, call, wait, getting progressively more concerned and embarrassed, eventually I phone my supplier (after hours), who happens to know the Belly Dancer’s boyfriend, long story short, I get a second hand message via via via, that she presumed the party was cancelled because of the rain!!!!! WTF???? You’re belly dancing in a boutique chick, not out in a field! Bloody annoyed! So embarrassing, needless to say, the Belly Dancer is axed!

Then our Credit Card machine’s modem looses it’s connection to the world, says, “sorry for you chick, it’s raining, you can’t expect me to actually function!”. Glory!

So I drive home, again, behind petrified slow coach drivers and arrive home to my two CRAZY Jack Russels. Now, to put this in perspective, they have a WHOLE patio undercover, with baskets and cushions and blankets (I know, tough life!) but are they laying low??? NOOOOOO, they’re running around in the rain barking at the sky, lambasting it for raining on their parade… do these soaking wet dogs keep to themselves when I arrive home??? NOOOOOO, they have to jump all over me, my bed, my couches, all over – dripping wet!!! So I rapidly grab a towel to try and dry them off and we get into a three way fight, ‘cos it’s way too much fun watching the human get more and more irate and more and more wet!!! I swear sometimes I think they do these things deliberately as some form of canine-on-human experiment! Eventually I get these little mutts fairly dried off, and skulk off in a huff, followed closely by the two crazies, who, now that they have made me loose it, think it’s a good time to cuddle!!! Bloody naughty Jack Russels! But damn they are cute!

So, what have a learned?…

  1. Avoid driving in the rain in Durban to avoid uncontrollable bouts of road rage!
  2. Don’t expect any electricals to behave as you would expect them to!
  3. Jack Russels find running around in the rain and mud highly entertaining!
  4. Maybe I’m the crazy one, maybe I should be out in the garden now, naked, dancing in the rain and not giving a damn!
  5. If you can’t beat them, join them!