Isn’t a Boudoir Boutique just like a Sex Shop?

Absolutely, positively NOT! Saying a Sensual Boutique is just like a Sex Shop is like saying an exclusive, gourmet restaurant is just like a McDonalds! Yes, they both serve food, but they are nothing alike!

When most people think of a Sex Shop, they think of a dark and seedy location on the wrong side of town, staffed by a low life (normally male, uninterested and clueless!), stocked with shocking items that are huge and scary with packaging you feel you need to inspect in case it’s second hand (YUCK)! Most women won’t enter alone, or even at all! Some send their partners to buy “something sexy”, and what normally happens is your husband/boyfriend talks to the seedy male low life behind the counter, so you have one male talking to another male about what will turn a woman on! Right! Funny story, the end result is not normally good in this scenario, hubby comes home with something gross and very unappealing to his woman and is perplexed as to why he doesn’t “come right”! Hubby skulks off thinking his wife is a prude, and wife sulks and ponders how she found herself married to such a pervert! Obviously, this is a worst case scenario picture I am painting, but this is the story I hear day in and day out from the people that visit my Sensual Boutique.

So, what is a Sensual / Boudoir Boutique then? Well, most of these boutiques are most definitely on the right side of town, normally nestled in a discreet location in an upmarket suburb. They are frequented by upmarket people, no skulking around with dark glasses, in fact women will discuss the Sensual Boutique they visited and their experience with everyone, from their girl friends, to moms or daughters, to church friends! Most of these boutiques are aimed at or geared towards women, some are even for women only (like mine). You could easily mistake them for decor shops they are so beautifully laid out and decorated.

Do we sell the same goodies? Absolutely, sometimes we do, but often what sells in one, doesn’t in another, for example, in my case, the more entry level, affordable playthings that are very popular in Sex Shops, just aren’t big sellers in my boutique, however, the high-end, imported, less affordable playthings fly out of my boutique’s door and don’t sell in Sex Shops! Go figure!

There are also things we don’t stock at all, like porn magazines or porn DVDs. And there are things we stock that Sex Shops don’t, like imported lingerie, high end linen, pamper products, books.

For me, the most exciting thing about my boutique is the conversations that get started between couples, friends, and even just with yourself. I get to change people’s lives every day for the better. And in this scenario, the woman takes “something sexy” home and the man LOVES it! Let’s face it, he loves any effort his woman makes in the sex department, men are really far easier to please in that department than we are, sexist, you may call me, but wrong I am not 🙂

So, again, NO, a Boudoir Boutique is not just like a Sex Shop! You should try visiting one one day, it may just change your life…