Happiness via text message …

Two days ago I was waxing lyrical about money and paying my Tax Consultant so much to get an estimated return of R309! Well, this morning I have woken up to one of the best SMS’s ever, a payment advise from SARS, according to my internet banking, which I leaped up to log in to after receiving the sms, SARS have deposited over R18,000 into my account!

This is where I start praying that there is no mistake!

I have been religiously paying my debt off and have been living like a pauper for the last 9 months in an effort to do this as quickly as possible, I am hating every moment of it, but I am determined, and I am very nearly there, so this little windfall although it is only R18,000 we’re talking about and not R18 million, has me about as excited as if it were R18 million! Woo hoo!