It’s all about the money honey…

So, it’s the 24th of the month – yes people, it’s end-of-the-month-salticrax-snacks time 😀

Which leaves me pondering a few things:

1. Why does it cost me R1,575 to get my tax return done to only get a R309 return??? This does not make good business sense at all! Time to learn how to do this myself for heaven’s sake, I give her all the info, surely I can overcome this mental block / irrational fear of accounting and just bloody do it myself!

2. Why is my electricity bill higher and higher every month and I don’t seem to be doing anything differently??? On this topic – explain this one ‘cos I don’t get it! Eskom says it needs to increase rates because we’re not using electricity but when we use it we have to endure load shedding for using too much!!!! Come on now!!!

3. Why is good food so frikking expensive??? I’m one of those girls who just thinks about carbs and gains 10kgs, but let’s face it girls, they taste good and they’re cheap, why oh why??? Why does petrol come down and our food never does? I remember when fresh fruit and veggies was the cheapest part of my grocery bill. I could take R50 and buy a box of goodies at the Fruit & Veg Market and it would last me a week with a few dinners for guests thrown in! Now R50 doesn’t get you a salad! A lettuce is like R15 these days! A baby cucumber R9! Where will it end! Are we heading in the direction of the overweight Americans? As a single chick, it’s cheaper for me to do take away and that ain’t good at all! Curiouser and curiouser!

Thank goodness tomorrow is pay day! For what it’s worth 😀