Weekend bargains and crossed signals…

So, what excitement do I have to report now???

Well, I worked on Saturday, fortunately the store was nice and busy which is always good, so time passed quickly, then we had a party booked for Saturday afternoon and for a change, the ladies arrived early, spent lots of money and left early, yay!!! 😀

I had invited over Bond Girl to braai after work with the boys, I really needed some normal conversation situations after last week’s “excitement”! It was also hot as Hades, so we got home, jumped in the pool and chilled out with the housemates, and then braaied and watch America’s Got Talent – delightfully normal and uneventful 😀 Thank God for Bond Girl at times like these! Oh, and we all had a good giggle about the “Jake Situation” who I haven’t heard from since our date on Friday and was sincerely hoping had got the message that I had cooled on him (alas, not so much, keep reading)!

Sunday morning I awoke to Frenchie & Rizzo (housemates) announcing that Young Designers Emporium was having a massive sale – everything R90! R90! You can’t get a hankerchief at YDE for R90! So we all launched ourselves into our respective showers, as only wannabe fashionistas on a budget can do and hightailed it over to YDE at the Pav! It was SO worth it! I bought 4 dresses and some very glam sunglasses for R450! Normally, you’re lucky if you get 1 item for R450 at YDE! So we’re all very chuffed with our purchases.

The rest of Sunday was spent lazing around – it was raining – so not much else to do, we watched The Wedding Date on DVD, one of my favourites! Dermot Mulroney is so damned hot, yummy! Can watch him all day long!

This morning I called Monique and was telling her about the fantastic sale yesterday and she asked how things were going with Jake. I gave her an extremely summarised version of events on Friday and she was shocked! Apparently Jake does not feel the same! Jake told her daughter (I wonder if this was between the crying fits?) that things were going so well he could see marriage and children in our future!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Bond Girl summed it up perfectly in our IM conversation this morning, which I have included below because it is TOO funny not to share:
Chanteuse says:
Jake thinks things are going SO well, he says there’s marriage and kids ahead!!!!!!!!!!!
Bond Girl says:
oh ohohn nononono
😀 😀 😀
can i be the bridesmaid pls 😀
can it be a winter wedding 😀
i dont like the heat 😀
we can plan it for july? 😀
hows that suit you? 😀

For those that don’t know Bond Girl, this is sarcasm at it’s absolute best and had me literally beating my head on the keyboard in hysterics – hahaha

As a sidebar, Bond Girl’s mom may have got the job I told them about, holding thumbs!

So, these events this morning leave me thinking the following…

1. Am I so hard to read that someone can mistake complete disinterest for marriage and kid potential! What on earth?! I don’t have the energy to date if this is what it involves, really!!
2. How much markup do these retailers put on merchandise if they can have such massive sales?!
3. Dermot Mulroney is yum! Definitely shaggable!
4. Roll on pay day, too poor!