What was I thinking?

I’m back from my dinner with Jake, and it didn’t go too well in my eyes!

He was so keen to impress me and kept repeating whatever he thought I wanted to hear, over and over, I got the distinct impression he was just saying stuff for my benefit, but it became very clear as the evening went on that although we have a lot in common, and although there is chemistry, that Jake was just not on the same level as me, he felt childish to me tonight and I found it annoying.

He also kept asking me was it okay that he called on Wednesday, was it okay that he texted on Thursday, was what he said okay, like constantly people, even during the date, he wanted to psychoanalyse every 5 minutes and I had to keep reassuring him, like a child! I’m not looking for a child, and I don’t want to be his mommy! And I don’t want to psychoanalyse every last minute of everything, argh! And he also got pissed at one point because I think he sensed my hesitation, like a spoiled child! Nope, this I can do without for sure!

Then, horror of horrors, he allowed me to pay half when I offered, on the first date! Eh! Not in itself a deal killer, but teamed with everything else and the issue with my friend’s daughter (who has apparently been crying on the phone with him and pleading with him wanting to know why he’s doing this to her), it’s all just too much, I deserve better…

Now to let him down gently, don’t think it’s going to be easy, he looked at me like he’d just lost his best friend when I told him I had already planned my weekend and he realised I hadn’t featured him!

Oh well, we live and learn, and live to hope another day.

Lessons I learned tonight:

1. 7 Years can feel like 700 years!
2. I don’t want someone who needs constant reassurance
3. I like good old fashioned chivalry, especially on the first date
4. I don’t want to be the most mature, cleverist, most secure person in the partnership
5. This is not Mr Right, or even Mr Right Now! Moving along!