Valentine’s Mischief

So, now that you know a tiny bit about me, let’s get to the current scenarios…

I had one of the best Valentine’s in years this past Saturday, a bunch of girlfriends and I decided to celebrate so we started off with a fantastic dinner at one of our houses and some great conversation, naturally, as usual, there was a discussion around my boutique, surprise, surprise, what is it with girls, wine and sex … hee hee hee

Then we all got dressed to the nines and headed out looking rather vampish to Clapham Grand for their Eyes Wide Shut Masked Party … which turned out to be a hell of a lot of fun actually! We danced, we flirted, we came, we went, it was fantastic, and what made it even better was I happened to bump in to so many people I knew, and even got a shout out from the DJ, no more anonymity for me anymore, I’m not just that girl, it appears I’m that girl that owns a sex shop that needs announcing, oh well, I suppose it goes with the territory.

A long story short, I bumped into a guy who I met about a year ago when he did some work in my boutique when we were setting up, he also happened to date one of my best friend’s daughters. When I say date, just to put things in perspective, they saw each other briefly a couple of years ago. He’s obviously younger than me, to the tune of about 7 years, but at least he’s older than my “baby” brother – I have an issue with guys younger than my younger brother, I did change his nappies after all! hahaha

Anyway, we’ll call this boy Jake… so Jake and I chatted and flirted a bit on Saturday night and even shared a kiss, and I thought, hmm, maybe I should give him a chance and get to know him.

Sunday he came over to visit and we chatted for a few hours and it turns out we have quite a lot in common, and seem to be fairly compatible, this was looking promising… until yesterday …

I went to visit my friend (the one who’s daughter dated Jake) and it’s all gone downhill from there, apparently the daughter is a little nose out of joint and has insinuated a few hurtful things.

So I find myself cooling on this boy, not because of him or me, but because of 3rd parties and what they think of him and me … which leaves me wondering …

Why do I always worry so much about what other people think?
Why do I put other people’s needs ahead of my own?
What should I do?


Well, I’m off to dinner with Jake tonight, we’ll have to have an honest conversation about the situation and I’ll keep you guys informed.