No I’m not thinking of you … bugger off!

What is it with some of my ex’s that they have this “obsession” with me, what I’m up to and whether I think of them and what I think of them???

You know, I get it, if we were involved for a long time, or friends, like Dreamer, or developed a friendship, or whatever, but these arbitrary little boys that I’ve had some little fling with that never even went as far as sex and keep popping in to see me at the boutique for these deep discussions really have me rolling my eyes so badly they’re just about pop out!!!!
Move on dude! This ship has sailed! You either blew it, or I lost interest in blowing it! And believe me when I tell you, until the moment you rung my doorbell, I hadn’t given you 1 second of thought. I don’t really honestly care how you are or what you feel about what did or didn’t happen or whether you’re thinking about me… ROLLING EYEBALLS! And sure, feel free to call me … just don’t expect me to answer! And don’t worry, I won’t loose any sleep over that either! LOL!
When I think of you, there’s really just wind blowing between my ears, ‘cos dude, accept it, I don’t think of you! ARGH! Boys!