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Random Preggie Musings – Don’t touch me stranger!

Being pregnant is a gorgeous, memorable, special time of your life … It’s something to really embrace.  And if you’re a lucky mum, it’s a really positive and relatively pain free experience. I can’t say I have too much to complain about so far, I didn’t have much nausea at all, aside from some pain…


Random Preggie Musings – Oh those food cravings!

The hormones of pregnancy are a fascinating thing honestly – I mean if growing a human inside you isn’t a mind f%$^ enough … the various changes you go through certainly are.  And one of those changes is the change in your food tastes.  This has been a fascinating experience for me for sure. Vinny…


Random Preggie Musings – What’s with the weight gain?

I think we all have these fantasies before we fall pregnant of being this perfect modern mommy … you know the fantasy, right?  Slim, healthy, cute little bump, no additional weight gain … in your dreams you hear people saying, “You would never know she’s pregnant from behind” or “Look at that cute little bump,…


Random Preggie Musings – Hot, hot, HOT!!!

I’m a summer baby – thanks to my French Mauritian blood – my body believes it was meant to live the island lifestyle somewhere. My skin is never better than when it’s sun kissed.  I rarely burn (when I’m not pregnant!) and I go instantly brown.  I hate the cold and I hate winter ……


Random Preggie Musings – 9 months or 10 months?!?!

So being pregnant for the first time is interesting. There are all these things you discover … some of which you expected and knew and some which are total surprises. It makes for some pretty funny discoveries. The first of these is the 9 month thing – did you know a pregnancy is not actually…


Oh mommy!

I miss you so much! There are moments in my days where I’m hit with such hurt and regret that I can’t simply pick up the phone and hear your gentle voice. I dream dreams so real they feel almost visceral reliving moments in time and made up moments from some deep part of my…


A Love Story

Six months today - amazeballs!

The last six months have been the most incredible and the most devastating of my life. I guess the universe figures if it’s going to give you a lot of bitter loss to swallow, it better give you something incredibly sweet to chase it down with and that’s my bearded one! So many people in…

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