Oy, there’s a lot of social event going on lately! I’m starting to have to stack parties on top of each other, ‘cos I can’t disappoint now, can I? 😉

I like flirting, correction, when I like an oke, I love flirting 🙂 Especially if he’s sharp, it makes it so much fun! Kinda enjoying flirting with a few at the moment. And kinda hoping the flirtation leads to some action, but we’ll see what happens.

Everyone seems to be pairing off and playing happy families at the moment, so I better move my ass! Even Dreamer, the confirmed bachelor, is happily playing house at the moment, in a way, I hope this one works out, it will calm him down a bit and make him settle down on his debauched ways of the last few years. I keep seeing glimpses of the old Dreamer and it’s kinda nice, reminds me why we’re such good friends! Of course, he has a tendency to screw good things up, but has given me permission to slap him silly if he goes down that road! It’s all terribly entertaining 😀 Don’t think Triple A will handle the transition of Dreamer from his wing man to someone else’s dream man – but let’s see, maybe they’ll both surprise me 🙂

It’s Sun Goddess’s 40th Birthday Party this evening, so really looking forward to that, hopefully the rain clears up and we can have a good old jol 🙂 I may have to go to another party after that, depending on how the evening pans out 🙂 But whatever I get up to, I have no doubt I will have a blast!

Have an awesome weekend everyone…