With all this irrational, deranged eating I’m doing lately, I bit down on my tongue so hard yesterday, that I’m still feeling the after effects now …

Boobalicious and I had a good laugh though because we were discussing this crazy human tendency to go there when you have hurt yourself. What is it, that we keep going to that spot, it seems uncontrollable, if you have that ulcer, your tongue keeps going there, even though it is sore as hell! Well I was like that last night, I couldn’t wait to fall asleep so my determined tongue could stop inflicting pain on itself!

Isn’t it Murphy’s Law – if you have a sore finger, you keep knocking it, if you have a nail with a tiny tear on the side, that’s the one you will keep knocking until it’s well and truly off, if you have a sore toe, you can guarantee you will stub it time and time again, is there some in-built self destruct switch that flips when we hurt ourselves or what?

Well, TGIF, for some 🙂 I’m working tomorrow, but even so, the fact it’s Friday is a delight! What a week, so glad that Sun Goddess is back on Sunday, so much to catch up on! 🙂