We had a team build this weekend (on the car dealership webmastering side) …

It was all top secret, none of us had a clue where we were going, we met at The Pavilion and drove in convoy to the secret venue, which turned out to be a place called Glenrock (a game and trout farm) past Mooiriver

Those that know me, would consider me a City Slicker through and through, but I have to say … I didn’t have a terrible time, much to my surprise… I really wasn’t looking forward to this Team Build, I normally find them “cheesy” at best, and downright dangerous at worst, having been inflicted with my worst scar ever at my last team build I was determined to be a real chick and sit out anything vaguely bruise inducing (especially with my photo shoot looming) …

I drove up with DJ and 2 other colleagues, and I have to say we were lucky to have a great bunch, we stopped at Mooiriver for a pit stop and were given our City Slicker jumpers (which thankfully were warm as toast), and then arrived at Glenrock to meet the The Venture Group (the organisers of the team build)… they promptly put us in overalls and gum boots and loaded us on the back of a truck for our transport down to the farm, where we were welcomed with real farm scones with jam and cream – yummy!

The afternoon was filled with craziness like herding cows (or in our case chasing stampeding, panicked cows!), rolling bales of hay, foofy slides, archery, fishing, etc. All in all, it wasn’t half bad … Then one of our challenges was to cook potjiekos, and of course the various groups got up to all sorts of exciting things to make sure they wangled some secret extra ingredients to add that edge – we stole some Old Brown Sherry for ours – not traditional I’m sure, but it was DELICIOUS nonetheless …

Sunday followed in a similar vein, with some fun games, a short game drive, and more fishing, oh, and we milked cows (something this City Slicker had never done before). Glenrock has a super friendly Eland on the farm … who takes it upon himself to wonder through the camp getting amorous with anyone with something edible, he had no qualms stealing apples out of our mouths or smelling us up … there was also a particularly ugly duck (clubbed with the ugly stick for sure) who also took to following people around and knocking at doors to be allowed entry (how rude!). I have to admit I drew the line at participating in the bokdrolspoeg contest (for those who do not understand Afrikaans – this is buck dropping spitting contest!) I prefer not to put something that came out of an anus in my mouth, thanks but no thanks 😀

Despite it being a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, I was absolutely thrilled to get home, jump in my hot shower, lather my hair clean with my strawberry shampoo, get into my comfy pjs and spend the rest of the evening on my couch with my home theatre and MVix 😀

100% Self Confessed City Slicker here! And proud of it 🙂

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  1. Anonymous on December 19, 2009 at 8:57 am

    Hi. Where did you get this strawberry scented shampoo? I have been desperate for some!!!