Shewwwwwwyyyyy! Busy, busy Boutique today! Friday after Pay Day to start and Cock ‘n Tails Friday to boot! Boobalicious and I have run our little bums off!

Fortunately I am having one of my manic, way-too-much-energy Hyper Highway days! So I also managed to sort our stock room out in a flurry of manic activity which had boxes ripping, feathers flying and much re-organising. Now I feel like I have run a marathon, with palpitations and shortness of breath, thanks again Hyper Highway!

I’m off to Billy’s straight from here to meet the girls for some cocktails, and see where the night leads us from there…

Hilarious Hyper Story of today (of course this is only hilarious to those who know me and know how normally smart, together and organised I am, the rest of you have to picture someone clever and serious doing the following):

  1. Yesterday, while getting a glass of water in the kitchen, I noticed Boobalicious was defrosting a single chicken breast. Today, I went into the kitchen and saw another chicken breast in the same dish, defrosting. I looked at it for a moment, thought, hold on, today’s Friday, Boobalicious doesn’t eat chicken on Friday… cogs rolled, steam emitted from my ears and I realised with hilarity… the “chicken” was actually a large bar of Rooibos Soap in our kitchen. It has been there in the kitchen for months and months. We use it! Every day! I see it everyday! WTF!!!!!!