This image says it all, I am so busy, don’t know whether I am Arthur or Martha!

The shop is doing so well since Woolies Foods opened downstairs, so we’re really really chuffed! Our blog for it is also taking off, fortunately Boobalicious and Sun Goddess are contributors, so I don’t have to post there every day…

Besides the shop, and the car job, I have taken on a couple of independent website projects as well, I absolutely LOVE web work… this is a good and a bad thing because I tend to become a “Focus Fanie” as Sun Goddess likes to call it… the result is, I am working til 1:30 or 2am every morning, then I’m up again at 7am doing it all over again!

Working on an average of 4 hours sleep a night is probably not such a hot idea, so last night I decided to stop working at midnight and hit the sack “early” … so much for that, I lay awake until after 2am thinking about what I could do with the webs!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!! Talk about being wrapped up in my work!!!!!! Definitely need a man in my life to force some perspective!!!

Anyway, last Saturday, in a responsible effort, I visited my pharmacist and asked him to recommend some kind of tonic to get me back to peak health after my long bout of flu, he recommended Minimino syrup, I bought 2 bottles! This brings me to my parting shot for the day …

Why is it that the good medicine always tastes so bloody AWFUL?!?! The stuff is brilliant, I feel great, considering the aforementioned 4 hours sleep a night, but…

  1. Why do good medicines taste SO bad? I can’t decide if it tastes like Liquid Liver or Marmite gone wrong! Like seriously, this is hold your nose and have a teaspoon of honey afterwards material!
  2. As if the initial dose is not horrendous enough, you then get to breath it for a good 10 minutes, like everyone around you can smell it, I have a massive complex and disappear to a hole somewhere for a few minutes, so I don’t breath on anyone! Disgusting!
  3. And then, after the taste and the smell has passed, you get to wee Minimino smelling wee!!

Overshare I know, but this is 2009, we can clone sheep, and pigs, send people whizzing round space and return them safely, talk on phones with no cables anywhere in the world, cure most forms of cancer, build massive stadia for soccer, but we can’t make medicine taste good! It is definitely a conspiracy!