Everyone has one right? This seems to be a recurring theme in my life at the moment, so time to blog about it I guess…

This is a topic which gets me a little riled up, I have to admit, don’t get me wrong, I like people with opinions, there’s nothing worse than some dumb, wishy washy, opinion-less, afraid-to-rock-the-boat person! And I happen to be very opinionated myself and very forceful about expressing my opinions. So where’s the problem, you ask?
Where I think the problem creeps in is where people with their own truths and their own opinions suddenly think that their truth is or at least should be everyone else’s truth! That is just plain frikking annoying!!! Your opinion is NOT fact, it’s just your opinion!!!
Why do people do that? My gran is one of the most opinionated people I know, and there’s a prime example from years back that demonstrates this topic perfectly. My gran was involved in a car accident years ago, she was a passenger and another car slammed into the passenger side of the vehicle she was in, she was not wearing a seat belt and was flung to the other side of the car and was only mildly injured. My gran is convinced that if she was wearing her seat belt, she would have been dead as her side of the car was totalled. Fair enough. Problem comes in where Gran starts telling everyone that they should not wear seat belts because they will kill you if you do. You see my point? We all know that seat belts don’t kill, and that they in fact save lives. But Gran does not believe this because her truth is different.
Usually, the more traumatic or the closer to home the event is, the more vocal and opinionated people get about their truths. Naturally, being women, one of the closest things to our heart is our reproductive system. And boy are their opinions around this topic! I love hearing all these opinions, I really do, women should never stop discussing issues around contraception, child birth, menopause, etc. I firmly believe that we as women can teach doctors a thing or two BUT…
For pity’s sake people, start you sentences with “I think…”, “You know what happened to me…”, “In my opinion…”, or some other such prefix because it is just not right to say to someone, “No you can’t do that, it’s the worst thing you can do, you’re fucking with your body, bla bla, bloody, bla“.
My truth is MY truth, let me have it, just like you’ve had yours.