For heaven’s sake! Jake again! Can you believe it! There has been ZERO communication from my side since our horrible date on Friday TWO WEEKS AGO! This boy is a sucker for punishment! What happened to the days when your silence implied to the boy in question that you weren’t bloody keen on him! Eh!

So, here’s the SMS I get Saturday night as I was getting ready to go out for curry with Funny Girl…

“Hi 🙂 – i must be honest with u, i was realli upset with Daughter-of-Monique, and I don’t want to jeopardise ure friendship with Monique… I have ended the friendship with Daughter-of-Monique and I no longer entertain her bullshit… Thank God your friendship with Monique is more important, and Daughter-of-Monique is a little immature girl, you on the other hand are fantastic, Chanteuse I think ure a stunning person and I would still like to remain friends with u. I haven’t phoned you because I didn’t want to ruin ure friendship with Monique plus I thought it would be easier to give u some space and let the whole issue settle down. I would still like to be friends with u … Is that okay? Sorry I didn’t phone, I should of told u in person..”

Yes, that novelette came via text message, along with all it’s bad spelling and grammar! Glory! Good thing it didn’t come during our curry dinner or I would have upchucked!

Now I suppose I have to decide what to say to this boy, since my silence is clearly not speaking volumes! I don’t want to hurt the boys feelings or destroy his ego, which is exactly why I was hoping he would actually interpret my silence as DISINTEREST, but no, that would be too bloody simple! I’d suggest he go and watch He’s Just Not That Into You but he’d probably think I was the chick who’s keen on the guy! Insufferable!