Sometimes I think Jack Russells are far better at keeping in touch and up to date than we are as humans, we can tend to turn everything into such a production. Jackies have the right idea – Dreamer and I have known each other for the better part of 10 years now I think, and we are both huge Jackie fans, we both have 2 Jackies, and I guess I’m kinda the “mommy” to his Jackies and he’s kinda the “daddy” to Pork Chop because we raised them all together. Dreamer and I have just been through a rough patch in our friendship over the last 6 months or so (we do this periodically – it’s really idiotic, but we’re both Cancerian and both stubborn so shit happens!) and so I haven’t seen his Jetta and Jag for a while, today was a real treat, I went to visit…

Enter Pork Chop, AKA PC Pups, AKA Stupid Dog 🙂 Pork Chop is my gorgeous male Jack Russell, you saw crazy Jessie a few posts back with her head stuck in a Lays packet … hahaha! Pork Chop loves Jetta and Jag, he is Jetta’s Granddad and Jag’s Dad so it’s all very incestuous, as it can only be with Jackies 🙂

Here we have Jetta and Jag, so I visited my babies today at Dreamer’s house and naturally, not having seen me for a while, they went crazy and jumped all over me, love them too much! I arrive home now and Pork Chop leg-hug-walks me from the garage all the way into the house vacuuming my clothes and deciphering the love letters sent from Jetta and Jag, it’s too cute! In exasperation, I take my dress off and throw it in the wash basket and as he usually does when I have been to see Jetta and Jag, he jumps in to the wash basket and continues the love letter reading!

Jackies are amazing things, they could care less about your issues, they love unconditionally, forgive wholeheartedly and live life fearlessly … man could we all learn a thing or two from Jackies!