Where to begin….

Well I suppose some basic info to start to put this blog in perspective.

I’m 33, voluptuous, intelligent, independent, own an upmarket boutique for women only a.k.a sex shop for women only, and single.

I guess you could say I’m a “happy” single or at least I haven’t reached the stage of “desperate” single yet, there’s something so unappealing about that desperate scent that some women give off!

I love my friends and family and have a passion for entertaining, cooking and great company!

I have loved and been loved, but not in a long while and am convinced that the long wait is going to produce the most amazing, passionate man that I will love with all I am.

So, having said all of that, why am I single?…

Well, brace yourselves for many many funny posts, because I happen to be one of those women who seem to find or attract the most bizarre circumstances, and this is where the giggling begins…